Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Felicia Goes Clubbing

How can I begin to explain what has driven my fantasies over the years? Hell, I don't even know why those thoughts came to me, all I know is that they did and began to consume me. First, let me tell you a little bit of our background. Felicia and I married when we were both 20 years old and are still happily in love with each other, 25 years later. She can still wear clothes that were the same size when we first got married. Her body is a luscious 36C-25-35 and she weighs 128lbs. She's kept in shape all these years, still is firm and passes as a woman in her early 20's. I wasn't as fortunate as she was in the physical conditioning department.

It was about seven years into our marriage when sex began to get a little dull. We had just grown accustomed to each other and there was no electricity between us any more. We still had sex, it just wasn't the erotic thing it had been in the earlier years. One Saturday night, I had rented a XXX video which made us both very horny. I remember that we had loosely acted out what we had just seen and the sex was very good. The video was about a man who enjoyed seeing his wife become a total slut for other men. In the movie, she had fucked a dozen guys, including two very well endowed black men.

As we lay there in bed, I started describing how it would seem to me, for Felicia to be spreading her thighs for other men. She was so turned on that by the time I touched her pussy, it was already sopping wet. As I fucked her, I continued my "commentary" about her becoming a slut for other men. She came much more intensely that she had in a while and I wondered if I was onto something.

After we had fucked, we lay there side by side in the dark. The darkness made it so much easier to talk about it for some reason. I asked her what she would do if the situation ever arose. She asked what I meant and I told her that I wanted to know what she would do if another guy that attracted her began to hit on her. Would she be willing to fuck him? She asked how I felt about it and I told her the truth, that the thought of seeing another guy fucking her made me as horny as hell. I pressed her for her answer and she told me she didn't really know, that it was more complicated than just a yes or no answer. At least I knew in my heart that there just might be a chance of it happening.

One Friday night, I told her to dress like a slut and we'd go out for the night. She smiled like a kid with a new toy and headed off to the bathroom to shower and get ready. When she emerged downstairs, I was taken aback by what I saw. She looked like a whore, a beautiful one, and I told her that we'd better leave before I changed my mind and threw her down and raped her. She told me I could do that later, after someone else had his turn first. She had chosen a very short black skirt with a top that was almost transparent. Her garter belt was almost visible and she wore no bra or panties.

My cock was rock hard as we drove downtown. I parked in a parking garage and leaned over to kiss my hot wife. She broke it early though, and told me that we better go. So we got out of the car and walked to one of the clubs on Main Street. We went in and I told her to grab a table while I ordered our drinks. After waiting almost fifteen minutes, I was served and I began to look for Felicia. I saw her sitting at a table while two guys were standing there talking to her. One was white, the other a dark black. I sat down and handed her a drink while she introduced me to Dave (the white guy) and JOE (the black one). We sat there making idle chit chat and after a while, Felicia stood up and asked who was going to dance with her. The two guys looked at me and I told them I didn't dance. She grabbed Dave's hand and off they went. JOE followed them with his eyes and I could see that he was looking at her firm ass cheeks as she walked away. My cock was still at its full five inch hardness and it felt as if it would burst at any second.

Joe said "That is one fine looking woman!" I agreed, saying that she had a body that just wouldn't quit. He replied "I wouldn't mind finding that out for myself!" Well, I knew he was interested. We kept on watching Dave and Felicia and when a slow song came on, he took her in his arms and they swayed gently to the music. I couldn't help but notice that his hands had slipped down to her ass and that he was grabbing her. She held on tightly as they moved around and I saw a faint blush on her face as he whispered in her ear. They danced a few more songs that way and then came back to the table. Another round had just arrived and we all sat there drinking when I told Felicia that JOE wanted his turn as well.

She stood up and took his hand as he led her out to the dance floor. If seeing her dance with Dave was exciting, seeing her with JOE was even better. They moved well together and he wasn't near as shy as Dave had been. I saw him grabbing one of her tits and also moving his hand up under her skirt. When they came back to the table, her nipples were hard, poking out from her shirt and her face was flushed with excitement. I said that we shouldn't attempt to keep up these pretexts and come to understand why we were all there. I asked them if they'd like to come back to our place and they jumped up ready to go. Felicia sat in the back between them as I drove home and I watched in the mirror as she kissed one, then the other while they began to strip her in the backseat.

We finally got our house and I pulled into the garage so the neighbors wouldn't see her getting out of the car naked between two other men. We headed straight for the bedroom and she got busy undoing their pants. When she pulled Dave's cock out, I was surprised to see that he about nine inches long and fatter than my cock was. But I was really shocked to see the piece of meat she pulled out of Joe's pants. He was bigger than Dave, by a couple of inches and was even bigger around than he was. She moaned as she grasped his cock, her hand not able to close around the throbbing cock. She then leaned forward and began to lick Dave's cock, making it spasm from her oral attention. She continued to stroke Joe's cock as she sucked Dave's. I sat down and watched the show as they began to feel her up while she sucked them.

Joe had enough of her hand soon and grabbed her head and pulled her towards his cock. While she lay back, Dave got into position to eat her pussy while JOE fed her his massive black rod. She wrapped her thighs around Dave's neck as his tongue went to work on her lust swollen cunt lips. She moaned out around the black meat as her passion began to consume her. JOE urged her on, telling her what a hot slut she was, that she really knew how to suck cock. This made her moan even more and I watched as she tightened her grip on Dave's neck, pulling him tightly against her juicy cunt. She was able to take about three quarters of JOE's cock before she began to gag. He then withdrew it, only to force it back in, a little deeper this time. He fucked my wife's mouth with a steady rhythm that would propel him to a powerful orgasm of his own. Meanwhile, Dave was sucking her clit, making her cum hard.

I watched as Joe pulled his cock out of her mouth and began to blast his sperm all over her hair and face and tits. She kept her mouth open and quite a bit of his semen found its way there as well. She stuck out her tongue and showed me, then quickly swallowed it down. Dave, meanwhile, had knelt before her and guided his cock to her hungry waiting cunt. He easily slid inside of her, even though he was enormous compared to me. He began to fuck her hard and fast, making her begin to pant and cry out. "Oh yes! Fuck me baby! God, that's so nice! I love it! Fuck my nasty cunt with that huge cock!" The words drove me over the edge and I began to cum myself. JOE knelt by her head and once again fed her his cock. She was a sex machine, her body shaking and writhing all over the bed while these two men used her for their pleasure.

Dave soon began to bellow out that he was cumming and Felicia told him "Yes baby! Fill my slutty cunt with your hot sperm baby! Yes! Give it all to me!" She had those firm thighs locked around his waist and she pulled him in even deeper as he blasted her womb with his seed. As soon as he finished, JOE pushed him out of the way and positioned himself between Felicia's sticky thighs. Even though her cunt was coated with both of their juices, when JOE shoved his cock in, Felicia flinched and cried out. He really stretched her cunt around his massive cock and when his balls slapped off of her ass, she was moaning out how good it felt, how much it hurt. She loved the pain and pleasure she was feeling and it drove her to another explosive orgasm. She was hotter than I'd ever seen her, than I'd ever made her and I loved what I was seeing and hearing. JOE fucked her for a good forty minutes while Dave, rested, got back to his knees by her head and made her suck his cock. By now, JOE's sperm had dried on her leaving hard white patches of cum all over her body. She devoured Dave's cock and to make sure she had it all down her throat, I reached over and pushed her head down even more on his cock. She swallowed like a good little whore and took him all the way down. He fucked her mouth like he had her cunt and before long he was ready to cum again. This time, he pulled out so that just the head of his cock was in her mouth and he shot his hot sticky load there. Some of it dribbled from the corners of her mouth but she was able to swallow the rest. JOE began to groan and soon filled her cunt with his dark seed. She told me later that it felt as if he had flooded her cunt with a gallon of his hot sperm.

I drove the guys back to their car and then headed quickly home. Felicia was laying there spread eagled on the bed waiting for me. I stripped and she said "You can fuck me, but first you have to eat me my darling husband! If you want to fuck me, you have to suck out their cum first!" Well, with the heat of the moment, I had no choice. I lay between her legs but she told me to get on my back. Then she straddled my face and began to grind her gaping cunt against my mouth. I guess it wasn't as bad as I had first imagined, at least I found it was just another part of the fantasy that we had just had come true. She came about three times before rolling off of me and then she told me to take her.

I got between her legs and felt like I was going to fall in. My cock could get no real friction going and I felt frustrated. She knew what was happening and told me to get off and wait a second. Then she rolled over and told me to fuck her asshole. I used to have to beg to do that, but his night she was as hot for it there as she was in her cunt. "Yes! Fuck my asshole with that tiny cock! It's a good thing that neither of those studs took my ass or you'd never be able to cum! Now fuck me like a whore my horny husband!" I fucked her hard and fast and soon began to empty the sperm in my balls into her asshole. Who couldn't help but cum hearing her words? We lay there afterwards, spent and exhausted from all the action of the night.

We awoke the next day and she asked if my fantasy had come true. I told her yes but that I wanted it to continue. She agreed, telling me just how much they had made her cum. Because of their size and because of how they made her feel, like a real slut, she had reached a height she never had before. That was about seventeen years and countless other guys ago. I love to see guys seduce her and then use her for their pleasure. But I think the most exciting time of all was fairly recently. We had gone to club that was basically all black, with the exception of a half dozen white women who were there for a very obvious reason. It wasn't long before some black guys grabbed her and took her into a room in the back. I watched as about twelve other guys followed. I too followed and saw that she was going to be gang fucked by all those guys.

Each of them filled her cunt or mouth with their sperm and then it started all over again. I was allowed to watch, but not to participate in the lust. I watched as she took on two and three of them at a time. She even had her pussy filled with two black cocks at the same time, which drove her insane. They fucked her for next six hours and it was almost dawn when arrived home. By now, it was normal for me to eat her before I was allowed to fuck her ass. Her cunt was way too huge for me fill with my five inches, so I usually had her asshole, but even that has gotten huge by comparison.

My wife is a great little slut whose sex drive has climbed steadily over the years. She's now 45 and is still the best fuck around! Ask any of her lovers and they'll all tell you that she's their favorite slut!

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Sunday, December 11, 2005

MILF Mom Rewards Me

I was 20, in the Navy and on leave during Christmas and New Year's and met a nice girl. She has just turned 18 and was gorgeous. I began traveling on weekends to see her. She lived in the next town from where my Brother lived so I could stay with him for the weekend, and drive
over and see my girl. We had done some heavy petting but nothing more. She had told me that she was a virgin when we talked about it, and she didn't want to rush it.

By the second weekend I was there, I was feeling her nice big tits and nipples under her bra, but when I tried for her pussy she would stop me. It was getting more and more difficult for her to do so though.

I had to be back to my ship by Monday morning and had about a 6 hours drive to get there, so I would have to leave on Sunday night to get back in time. We had gone out and ate and then stopped by our favorite place to park and neck. I got to suck on her nipples this time, but she
wouldn't allow it too long, I even got to feel her pussy but through her slacks. Every time I tried to slide my hand down into the waistband she would pull away.

So once again, I dropped her off at her house and started to head back wth an aching hard-on and a case of Blue Balls big time. I knew that soon I would have to stop off and relieve the pressure. But once I got to the end of her street her mom was standing at the curb and flagging me down. She was carrying a load of groceries and I thought she wanted me to give her a ride home. I stopped the car and she got in.

Here Mom was in her early 40's and had a boyfriend that was a lot older. She was knocked up by him and had recently had the baby before her daughter and I met. She was a little overweight and graying hair, but nice looking with a huge set of milk filled tits.

She asked me if I had a few minutes to talk before I headed back. I told her I did and she directed me to drive down one of the near by dirt roads. She made small talk until we got to a small drive in the road, which she directed me to take. The drive lead into a wooded area
and then came to a circled turn around where other cars had turned.

As soon as I got the car stopped, she dropped the big question on me. "Have you and Connie been having sex?" I was kind of stunned and just looked at her without answering.

"You can be honest with me, I won't be mad if the answer is yes, its just that she is still so young, and I hope you'll understand my concern."

I told her that I didn't and that we had necked some but had not gone all the way. She seemed relieved at that and turned slightly towards me and put her hand on my thigh.

"I realize it must be very tough on you to hold off." With that her hand slid over into my lap and cupped my still semi erect cock. The warmth of her hand started getting me hard again.

"If you'll just hold off, I promise to help you." By then she was slowly stroking my full hardness, which was running along my thigh.

"I can tell that you need some relief." She accentuated the word "Relief" With a firm squeeze of my shaft, which caused my pre cum to rlease into my shorts. As I sat there I watched as she took both hands and unzipped my fly and reached in and with difficulty managed to free
my hard cock. I wasn't gifted with a Horse cock, but had a respectable 7 inch and thick uncut cock. She moaned as she slid her hand up and down it.

"Slide the seat back some."

As I slid the seat back she moaned, "Mmmmmm, you have such a nice one." With that her head lowered into my lap and I felt her hand slide my foreskin down as she enclosed my cock in her mouth. I was in heaven God it felt so great! I had my cock sucked once or twice before, but never to completion, so I knew I would cum soon if she kept that up. My hand went to the back of her head as she bobbed it up and down on my cock. Her one hand was masturbating my shaft as she sucked and she snaked the other into my zipper and played with my cum filled balls. I could feel my balls tighten and knew I was going to explode. So I warned her that I was about to go off. She stopped and raised her head and looked me in the eyes with a lust filled look. "I
love to swallow, let it go in my mouth" With that she dove back down and began sucking even faster as her head picked up speed.

My head went back and my eyes rolled into the back of my head as I felt the first spurt launch into her hot sucking mouth. "Mmmmm PPPPffffffff!" was all I heard as I felt her back off until just the head was in her mouth and her tongue went crazy around the head as she began to jerk the shaft more and more. As each spurt came out she would Moan "Mmmmmmmm, mmmmmmmm," and there were a least 5 more good strong ones. She nursed it until there was no more cum left.

My cock stayed hard as a rock and even seemed to get harder as she continued to suckle. Just when it began to feel like I would unload another load into her mouth she stopped and sat up. "Was that good for you?" God was it????? She laughed as I told her how good it had felt.
"Well you can feel that many more times, if you'll promise to leave Connie a virgin for now." I promise her I would. She seemed pleased with my answer.

"Have you ever tasted a woman's milk?" I confessed that I hadn't. "I'm late for my breast feeding and my breasts are aching because they are so full, would you help me?" She didn't wait for an answer as she unbuttoned the top of her dress, revealing a nursing bra. I gasped as
she pulled the pads away from the nipples. They Were HUGE! At least as thick as my thumb and almost an inch long. Her Daughter took after her some also; she had nice long nipples also.

My hard cock lurched under the steering wheel as I watched her reach under her dress and pull off her panties. Then she turned to me and held out her arms. "Come her and suck my aching nipples" I moved over and took one of the huge nipples into my mouth. As soon as I did I felt
a warm sweet squirt go into my mouth.

As I continued to suck and drink her milk she moaned and reached under her dress and fingered herself. When she moved my head to her other nipple I caught a whiff of her sexy scent coming from under her dress. My cock began to hurt again as I thought I was going to get to fuck

Once I had suckled the other nipple for a while she pulled my head off and once again gave me that lust filled look as she said. "Did you like what I did to you with my mouth?" I told I sure did. "Would you do that for me would you suck me?"

I told her yes but I didn't have much experience with it. She laughed as she pulled up her dress, exposing her hairy pussy to me. "Don't worry I'll guide you." She directed my head down.

When I got close enough I stuck out my tongue and penetrated her pussy hair. God she smelled so fresh and sweet, it was intoxicating to me. I began to lick all over her slit like a wild man. She began to moan and thrust her hips. "God you don't need much coaching, mmmmm sooooooooo

Then she reached down and spread her lips and put her finger on her clit and said, "Suck my little nub, right here" It was at that moment that I learned that this was a woman's real sensitive part. As I sucked her clit into my mouth her hips thrust forward and her breathing began to be heavy gasps as she moaned and screamed out her release. I sucked her clit gently as she came down. Finally she pushed me away, saying that it was too sensitive.

By now my cock was like a steel bar! I got up on one knee on the floor and slid my hips forward into her pussy hair. But before I could enter she stopped me! "NO Don't NO Intercourse!" As she put her hands on my chest and pushed me back. "You save that for Connie someday" As I was facing her on my knees on the car seat, she moved forward and took me into her mouth again.

This time I felt her slide my foreskin completely down, then she laid her tongue on the head and pulled the foreskin over her tongue. The she began to swirl her tongue around between the foreskin and the head of my cock! I had never felt anything like it and I moaned as I felt
myself empty myself once more into her talented mouth. I know it doesn't seem possible but it felt like I shot even more into her mouth than the first time.

She needed to get back home to the baby so we left the wooded area. All the way back she was slowly stroking my cock which had finally gone soft after her second blowjob. But by the time we got a couple of blocks away from the house it was fully hard again. She told me to drive slow as she jerked me off and told me to let her know when I was about to cum. I pulled over to the side of the road about a block from the house as I announced I was about to cum. She moaned and took me into her mouth again, swallowing what I had to offer. I couldn't wait for the next weekend.

It was my lucky day that following Friday, we got off the ship for the weekend early. Connie worked at the local hospital and would not get out until after I got there. So I was to pick her up when she got off. When I got to her house, her mom was sitting on the couch nursing the
baby. But instead of just having one breast exposed, she was topless and wearing a skirt, with nylons and high heels. We talked while she fed the baby. It didn't take long for me to get hard seeing her tits like that.

"Does seeing me nurse excite you?" I nodded yes. "Stand up let me see." I stood and walked over to her and stood in front of her with my cock tenting my pants. She moaned and said, "Take it out! I've been wanting to see it in the day light all week."

I unzipped and took out my cock in front of her. Being exposed to this sexy woman made me even harder. "Jerk it for me, let me see you stroke it."
I wrapped my hand around it and began slowly sliding my foreskin back
and forth. She watched for a minute then said, "I'll milk you while the baby finishes." She leaned forward and with me holding my cock for her, she began to suck me off. She stopped several times and took her other breast and squeezed warm milk onto the head and then took it back in
her mouth. I knew I was about to unload a weeks worth of hot cum in her sweet mouth.

Suddenly she stopped and got up and took the baby to the bedroom, saying she'd be right back. When she came back in she said, "Take your clothes off I want to see it all." I quickly stripped and stood there in the middle of the living room naked in front of her. She was still
topless and her heavy breasts were both leaking milk, as she looked me up and down. Then she walked over to me and reached down and cupped my balls in her hand. "Have you jerked off since I sucked you last week?" I replied no and she gently squeezed my balls and said, "Mmmm. Feels like a nice load you have in those cute balls, lay down on the couch."

I laid down on the couch and she straddled my chest backwards and lifted her skirt. She wasn't wearing any panties. She lowered her pussy to my face as I felt her mouth engulf my cock. I began sucking and licking her sweet pussy like a starved man. I felt her moan around my
cock. Then her thighs trapped my head and she pulled off of my cock gasping for breath as she came. Her juices slightly squirted out onto my tongue as I tried to keep licking her clit as she came. Her moaning and thrashing stopped and her thighs eased up around my head. Then I felt her hot mouth on my cock and in just a few sucks she was gulping a huge load of my cream. She continued to suck long after I finished shooting, keeping me harder than before. I thought she was going for another load when she suddenly spun around and grabbed my cock as she squatted over it.

She had a lustful look in her eyes as she lowered herself down on me. "Okay here is the new deal, before you put this into my daughter I'll get her on the pill," Then she moaned and sunk down completely and began pumping like crazy. "Right now I have to have it! Oohhhhhh I'm
almost there!"

Then she began to climax. Her pussy went in huge spasms around my cock, causing me to arch up into her and release another load. It was without a doubt one of the best fucks I've ever had.

After she came down from her orgasm, she kissed me and then raised off of my cock and slid down and sucked me clean.

It was only about another week and I was fucking her daughter also. But every now and then, I'd still get a nice blowjob or a fuck off of mom also. It was like heaven!

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My Wife Vicki Needs More

These words from my bride of six months cut through me like a knife, "Michael, I am sorry to have to say this, but I need to be fucked by a real man with a decent sized cock who can last more than two minutes. I am sick and tired of your tiny dick, and if we are going to stay together, you are going to have to accept being a cuckold in future."
I always knew that I was smaller than other men, but I thought that she was happy with me.
To give some background, I met Vicki just under a year ago at a party. She is 5' 5" tall, a pretty redhead with a figure men drool over. I fell for her the moment I saw her, and asked her to marry me within a month of our meeting. We did not have sex before our marriage, because to be honest, I was a little self conscious about the size of my cock, and did not want to lose her and Vicki seemed to enjoy that I was interested in her other then sexually.
It seemed that my deception was about to rebound on me.

"Well?" snapped Vicki, "what do you have to say Michael, I know you play with that pathetic thing all the time, that may be enough for you but it’s not enough for me, I’m sorry."
"I love you so much" I replied, "and I want you to be happy, but I can't bear the thought of you with another man."
"It's either that, or I pack my bags" she said, with a finality that I could not argue with.
"No, please don't leave" I pleaded, "I will accept anything you say, just please tell me what has changed Vicki?."
She looked at me with some sympathy and said “Michael before we were marred I was used to regular sex with men and I enjoyed your interest in me other then sex, but I have be honest, I miss sex with a real man”
I hung my head and whimpered, “I see”.
“Look Michael you’re a wonderful partner but I need more then a partner, I love you and do not want to cheat on you and if you love me then you will accept that, will you”?
I had never thought of it like that and somehow it made me feel better and I shook my head yes.
"Good," she replied, "because I already have the man lined up, and can't wait to get started."
I felt sick. "Do I know him?" I enquired pathetically. "Yes, it's Eric, the big black guy I work with."
I did remember him from her office Christmas party. A huge, good looking man of 23, the same age as Vicki. He treated me quite contemptuously when I was introduced to him, I got the impression that he considered me a wimp, which I have increasingly found that I am.
"Has he....?" I began to say, but was cut off by Vicki.
"No, he hasn't fucked me yet, but we have had some heavy petting sessions in his car, and I have sucked him off."

"But you have always refused to do that" I said, "you told me you didn't like it."
"Well you see Michael" she laughed, Eric is a real man, a dominant man who gets what he wants. And when I was on my knees in front of his thick 10" cock, I wanted it deep in my mouth. I wanted to suck all his come out of him and swallow it to please him."
This was all a huge shock to me, and tears began to run down my face, much to Vicki's amusement.

"If you are crying now" she laughed, "I have a feeling you will be crying an awful lot more in the future at the things I intend to do. You deliberately kept from me the fact that you have a little boy's cock, and I intend to make you pay for that." Eric says I have a right to make you pay Michael.

I had never seen this side of Vicki, she was obviously furious that she had been landed with a husband totally unable to satisfy her sexual needs, and Eric had persuaded her to his way of thinking, I wondered what else he had put in her head. .

"Now that we have sorted things out, I can start making arrangements" continued Vicki. With that she picked up the phone and dialed the number of her future lover.
"Hello Big Cock" she laughed when he answered, "the wimp knows the score, let's meet up tonight so I can start being your slut whore properly. "How did he take it? The pathetic little cunt burst into tears like a little girl, just like you said he would Eric?" She laughed again. They arranged to meet at seven that night.

Vicki came downstairs after having had her bath. She was dressed in a tiny black dress I had not seen before, which showed a lot of bust and a lot of leg. She also wore black high heeled shoes which accentuated her beautifully shaped calves. She looked absolutely gorgeous, and my little cock began to stir.

"How do I look?" she asked, "do you think Eric will want to fuck me?"
"You look wonderful" I said dejectedly.
"Good" she replied, and then whispered in my ear "I have left my underwear off so he can get at me that much quicker".
I thought of begging her not to go, but I knew it was useless.
"Don't wait up" she shouted on her way out, "I won't be home until morning. Have a wank imagining Eric's cock deep inside me if you like." Her laughter as she walked out cut through me again.

I slept very little that night. The thought of her in bed with Eric making me feel sick and I was torn between leaving and staying. I had always taken pride in my marriage to Vicki and showed her off to my friends and at office parties. I knew most of the guys I knew were envious but now if they knew this they would ridicule me. At about eight next morning, I heard the front door open, and Vicki coming up the stairs singing to herself.

"Hello my little cuckold" she laughed, "isn't it a lovely morning?. Boy, I had a wonderful night with my big black stud. He fucked me like I have never been fucked before. He had me crying out and coming until I thought it would never stop".
"He's a good lover then" I said rather superfluously. "Good? She exclaimed, sliding off her dress, "look what that big black bastard has done to your wife!"
She had love bites all over her tits and on the inside of her thighs.
"He fucked me four times last night" she went on, "and he made me suck him off twice. He says I am now his cock sucking slut to do as he pleases with, and he is right!"
To my shame I began to cry again, and told her I would do anything for her, to try to keep her.
"What you can do right now my weepy little sissy boy, is get on your knees in front of me and lick my lover's beautiful black cum out of my cunt to show your acceptance that he has taken me from you."

Totally beaten, I knelt before her and began to lick her. She shoved it in my face and I began moaning out of know where. She was turning me on to my surprise. The harder she shoved it in my face the more my dick began to twitch.

"Get used to the taste, wimp" she spat, "you are going to be eating a lot more of that in future".
When I had finished, Vicki had a bath, and caught up on some sleep. I couldn’t help myself and snuck into the bathroom and wanked off thinking about what a slut Vicki was and it felt so good when I came. But, immediately I felt disgusted with myself for enjoying her slutty behavior.
When she got up later on, she called me into the living room to discuss the future.
"Michael" she started, "now that I have sampled Eric's big cock, I have to tell you that you will never be allowed sex with me again. Your role will simply be that of cum-sucker. I intend to make things as humiliating as possible for you, you will be forced to watch me being fucked on occasion, and made to perform acts that you will no doubt find distasteful. Eric has decided he wants to fuck me in our bed, to show you that I belong totally to him, so he will be coming round tonight. I shall require you to prepare a nice meal and wait on us""

“You can either leave now Michael or begin preparing for Eric arrivals, what’s it going to be?”
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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Hot MILF Gets a Fill Up

I became a Hot Wife around 5 years ago at the bequest of my now divorced husband. During my adventures as a Hot Wife I discovered a craving for hot young cock. Tonight I wanted some young cock so I spent a good two hours primping and preparing myself for the ordeal to come.

A sensual-scented hot oil bath followed by a quick session with my chrome plated dildo got the juices flowing and the nipples hard: lets just say it put me in the right frame of mind! Next came the wardrobe: the "special" attire for special occasions like these. "Hmmm.. should I wear this bra? Nah, nothing can hold back these massive 38 DD's tonight. Maybe just the sheer red lace halter so all the boys can appreciate what's waiting for them underneath" At my age I have to give myself a little edge over the typical 20 something bimbo’s these boys desire.
Of course along with the top comes the mandatory black fishnet stockings, purple garter belt, split crotch panties for easy access to my cunt and the three inch spiked heels. A swish of blood red lipstick to match the nail polish, a splash of cheap perfume, and this is one hot Lady ready to get on. I cruised about town in the convertible (my ex paid for) driving around getting noticed and then to a couples of clubs. I was driving to another club when I needed some gas so I pulled into a station and bingo. Two young strapping black attendants who might want some of this soft wet pussy. Just in time to, my cunt was dripping wet from the anticipation. As I pulled in one of the guys over. I leaned into the window to make sure he could see ample cleavage and told him to fill it up. I wanted to say fill me up to this handsome young black stud.

In the yellowish glow I could read his name off his green shirt, Tyrone. We began to talk casually while he filled up the car. He was cleaning my window as I began to shift around in my seat giving him plenty to see while smiling at him. I was hoping he would take the hint. Sometime young guys can be a little slow.

He started talking to me as I smiled and told me that he and his cousin Tony had been working in this station for most of the summer and he'd never seen anyone as beautiful as me. He was so sweet and I could tell he was being honest, the bulging mass of cock in his pants gave him away. He tried to conceal his engorged member by bending over even further but it was too late.

After he finished filling the tank I paid him and asked him for directions to some bogus party I was allegedly "dressed up" for. He tried, oh how he tried to keep his mind straight and tell me how to get there. He forged on while I lit my cigarette and cast a sultry glance at his crotch. He even fought temptation as I hiked my miniskirt up to reveal my garters. But when I began to brush my thumb against my clearly hardened nipples, he surrendered. I touched his hand on the door and smiled up at him. "Do you know anyone who'd like to some fun with me?", I asked him. With that, Tyrone lunged through the open driver's window and grabbed both of my tits with his powerful hands. My cunt quivered. I opened my mouth wide and trapped his tongue with a deep sensual kiss. He wanted me right then and there but I suggested that we'd be more comfortable in the garage. Reluctantly he agreed. I parked the car alongside the garage and sauntered on in. I was met there by Tyrone and his cousin Tony. Without a word, Tyrone took me by the back of my head and forced my mouth down on his huge, uncircumcised dark meat. He shoved his dick deep within my throat, thrusting away with all his might. I gently took his balls in my hand and milked them gently while eating his dick as fast as I could. Tony came up behind me and slapped my ass hard. I jumped, nearly biting Tyrone's dick! Tony lifted my skirt and slid my thong over and put three fingers up inside of my dripping cunt, then he lubricated his cock with my juices. He shoved the full length of his glistening shaft deep within my ass hole, fucking. me like a madman pumping and humping my ass while Tyrone continued to feed me his sweet black meat. God I didn’t expect this kind of aggressiveness from these two guys. Tony started smacking my ass while saying “there is only one reason you white middle class ho’s come down here and that’s for black cock and you’re gonna get it good bitch” and he slammed my ass even harder.

The waves of pleasure alternated with the pain. My tits were hanging outside of the halter now and shaking so violently I was afraid they'd fall off my chest. Suddenly, Tyrone began to shoot thick hot spurts of cum deep inside my throat. To my astonishment, he pulled his meat out of my mouth and shot his cream all over my face. My makeup was running making me look like some freakish whore-clown. I began to writhe as my ass hole contracted in time to Tony's incessant pumping. "Pull Out and Make the fucking whore drink it!", yelled Tyrone. Tony pulled his dick out of me and spun me around, just in time to shoot another mouthful of the hot jism. I opened my mouth wide and drank the fuck-fluid greedily. He pulled out my mouth and began slapping me with his semi hard cock across my cum-drenched face telling me I was gonna be a black cock whore from now on. I almost yelled out to him, “Yes Yes give it to me”. I didn't bother to cleanup; I just ran for the garage and got into my car, with my tits exposed, (much to the surprise of some lady was filling her car and saw me, it was very embarrassing yet exciting). I drove off quickly to a street a couple of blocks away and parked in a desolate area. I was scared and excited at the same time. My pussy was so wet that I finger-fucked myself until I came over and over again. I drove whom that night and for days I fought off the temptation of driving back that gas station.

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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Hot Wife's First BBCock

My entry into the world of black sex took a while to happen, but when it finally did....! My husband Ted and I have been into some swinging for several years. We'd included other men into our sexual lives, but none had been black. We started reading this interracial forums and stories and I found myself very excited. I'd fuck my husband's brains out after reading some of the stories - pretending he was our friend Allen. Allen is a 30 something black man who lives near us. We were friends from when I was in graduate school. I'd seen Allen in our hottub many times. He usually wore a tiny black Speedo suit that bulged impressively. Once, when things got a little looser and the suits came off, I saw a big, black cock - like nothing I'd ever seen before.

From that point on, I worked to sample black sex. I started to fantasise out loud with Ted about Allen fucking me and sucking his cock. To my surprise, he asked: "Would you like to fuck Allen? I know he's interested in you from the way he follows you whenever we're together." I took the risk and said "Yes". To my surprise, Ted was as enthusiastic as I was! Seemed he really wanted to see me fuck a black man and see if the experience was anything like we'd read. We set up an evening with Allen and a few other friends to use our hottub and have a few drinks and unwind. We let the evening go at its own pace, but kept the liquor flowing. Finally, we got down to the point where there were only Ted, Allen, myself, Bob and Debby left. We'd carefully planned to manipulate things so that only Allen was left. So, I casually suggested that hottubing with suits on was like fucking with a condom - not the real thing! And took off my suit. Ted and Allen followed suit. Bob and Debby decided they'd better leave at this point, so we were alone!

I climbed out to refill everyone's drink, being careful to give Allen a close-up look at my shaved pussy. While I was gone, Ted was seeing if Allen was interested in sampling that pussy. When I returned, I found myself between Ted and Allen. Then I felt a hand on each thigh, gently pulling my legs open. I opened them and looked at Ted who smiled and nodded and moved his hand to my tits, playing with my nipples. This is very exciting to me and I think I moaned. Then I felt a hand brush my lips and a finger penetrated me. I looked at Allen who leaned forward and I placed my hand behind his head and pulled him down for a deep kiss. Our tongues played with each other while he stroked my pussy and Ted teased my tits. With my free hand, I reached for Allen and found that big cock I'd glimpsed earlier was bigger than I thought. It was the biggest cock I had ever felt, my guess is somewhere around 9" and thick - I didn't measure it. Allen kissed me deeper and thrust his hand into me further - then he just took charge. Allen said: “Come with me" and led me out of the tub to the family room. He laid me down and I could see his black snake standing out from his body like a big black rod. But, Allen wouldn't let me touch him - he told me to spread my legs - I was going to be loved and fucked and sucked like I'd never been before. He also told Ted to watch as he showed him how to pleasure a woman. None of my other lovers had taken charge in front of my husband and his boldness was really turning me on. Allen then lowered his head to my pussy and what felt like the widest tongue passed over my lips. He used that tongue to stroke my cunt lips, and tease my clit and fuck into me. I've never felt a tongue like that - it was like a big warm soft vibrator, sending shivers through me! I felt him fingering my ass, and stroking my ass and legs. He teased me for what seemed like hours probing my ass with his fingers, stroking my pussy with his tongue and his hand - I came twice and hadn't even touched his cock yet. What a man!Then Allen moved to straddle my head and fed that big cock to me. I've never felt such a hard hot cock in my life! It was like it was made of steel it was so hard and it was hot - really hot. I sucked that rod for dear life - for the first time I started to get an idea of what black sex is all about. I was like an animal thinking of nothing but that cock and my pleasure. I wanted to empty that cock and taste the sweet cum it produced, but Allen wouldn't let me.

Without becoming dominant, he had become very aggressive and was in total charge of the situation. He told me to open my legs and get ready to be fucked for real. Then he put the head of his cock in me and slowly worked its length in. God - it was big and thick and hot - and I thought it was going to come out my mouth! Allen fucked me this way for a long time - fast - slow, soft - hard, long and short strokes - I went off like a rocket - over and over. Then Allen told me to get on my knees so he could fuck me deeper! I could barely support myself, then I felt a strong hand wrap around my belly and hold my hips in place while that big cock slid into my cunt again. And it was deeper - as promised. I couldn't believe the feeling of this big hard cock fucking my pussy - hard and hot like a poker. I just went off again and again and again. I think I even lost track of what was happening because I felt Allen probing my ass. I'd never fucked anyone there and tried to pull away, but that strong arm around my belly wouldn't let me go. Allen just held me and used my pussy juice to lube my ass. He told me to be quiet as I started to protest and then I felt his cock push into me. I looked up for Ted to save me but he was sitting jacking off like a wild man. It hurt, but he went slow and told me what to do.

Finally I had it all in my ass - for the first time I was filled with cock there. Allen leaned over and talked to me quietly, while he started to move in my ass. He told me to just relax and I'd feel something I'd never felt before. At the same time, he was playing with my pussy and clit with his hand. He was right, after a while it started to feel wonderful - more stimulating than anything I'd ever felt. I came again and he finally did. After that, the night was a blur of more fucking and sucking - Allen's cock tasted wonderful, I remember that much and his cum was sweet. That man fucked me so many times that I almost couldn't walk - I came so many times I lost count. What a sexual machine! And the best part was that he wasn't a cold machine. He was with me all the way - telling me what he was going to do and what I'd feel and how much he enjoyed me.

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Sunday, April 10, 2005

How To Get Your Wife To Cuckold You

Most husbands start out trying to get their wives to cuckold them by putting the emphasis on "fucking other men". This is a critical mistake. Just because this idea turns you on, doesn't mean it is going to turn your wife on. Women thinking differently then men, especially married women and the key word here is married. Women learn very early as little girls that being a good wife means being faithful to our husbands. We also have some pre-conceived ideas about marriage that makes the idea of cuckolding seem anti-marriage. Women are taught to nurture the relationship, not destroy it by fucking other men. Just because the husband says he wants it, still does not make it right in our minds.

Men have to understand that in order for a wife to become a Cuckoldress it is a process in her mind and during that process many hurdles have to be overcome mentally. The first hurdle for most women is "if I fuck someone else, what will happen to my marriage". So take the focus off of "fucking other men" and put it on "enhancing the marriage". Remember, women think in terms of relationships and men think in terms of sex, men are so stupid in how they approach their wives. You’re going to have to talk about re-defining the marriage and how it’s going to work as a cuckold marriage. Believe me; your marriage will change cuckyboy once your wife gets more then that pathetic 4 inches you can offer her.

I suggest doing some of the cuckold exercises we have provided in the cuck info section. Let her know you’re serious and this is not some perverted whim that your going through and will change your mind in two weeks. You must start communicating and a cuckold relationship takes more work then a normal one. If you are not willing to work at it then give it up!!!! Most of the cuck wannabes really don not want to work at it. If she cuckolds you, there will be plenty of work to do cuckyboy! So get use to it. You will not be giving her the cock she needs anymore, so you will have give her other things in the marriage cuckyboy.

The next hurdle is to make her feel sexy. After a few kids and 10 years of marriage most women do not feel very sexy. Take her shopping; buy her some sexy clothes and lingerie. If you do not have a dildo purchase one and not one that is 12 inches. If the only cock that she has had is your little dick then I suggest something around 8 inches. A word of caution; do not shove the dildo all the way into her pussy the first time you use it!!!! Your wife needs stretched properly and prepared for a bigger lover, slowly, repeat, slowly. She needs to feel sexy again. She needs to feel desired and wanted by other men.

You can support our site if you wish by buying from the Cuckyboy Superstore. Have her wear the clothes and fantasize about other men using the dildo. Get use to spending money on her cuckyboy, when she takes a lover you will spend plenty, hotel rooms, clothes etc...
Buy some movies; let her see how other sluts enjoy bigger cocks. If your wife has been conservative all her life, she will need to learn how to be the proper Cuckoldress Slut. Get a digital camera and start taking pictures of her all dressed up. Take her out to bars, take her dancing, get her used to going out and maybe some day she will go out and find some cock. Encourage her to go out on her own or with some girlfriends and come back and fantasize with you that she got picked up by another man. Encourage her to flirt with other men.

Take the fantasy a step further. Ask her if you can create a yahoo or msn profile with some picture of her and her email address. Place the profile under married but looking. See if you get any responses from other men. Fantasize about those men fucking her and you serving them.
My last bit of advice is to be patient. Even though she is says she won’t do it, doesn’t mean she is not thinking about it. Women are devious and it takes a while for us to tell our husbands what we really are thinking. If you engage her in the activities that I have suggested then she is thinking about it. To learn more about the cuckold lifestyle come to Cuckyboy

Monday, December 20, 2004

My Cuckold

Roxanne's Cuckold Posted by Hello

The Science of Cuckolding

I found this article and it makes total sense to me anyone else agree?

Cuckolding: A Scientific Explaination
How many of you have wondered what it is about being cuckolded that is so exciting and so thrilling? Why should something so humiliating and immasculating be such a "turn on?" How many of you have already started getting a hard-on just reading this introduction by a female who cuckolds her mate? I thought so! Well, I've studied the phenomena of "the thrilled cuckold" for quite a while, and I shall attempt in this report to explain to you the hows and whys of your thrilling sensations from being cuckolded. If the biological stuff is boring or confusing, bare with me, as I will put everything into layman's terms (pun intended).

What you have to understand is that we are all still carrying around the same biology our ancestors did in the stone age. Our primary reason for existing in this world (biologically) is to procreate offspring in order to continue our unbroken line of genes in the gene pool. The very fact that you are here is because your ancestors have had kids and grandkids for countless generations. Congratulations! You are from a successful line of ancestors who managed to insemenate females and had offspring!

Now, how is it that females and males select who we will procreate with? Men and women have different methods and different priorities for this. Males select females with long legs, shapely hips, large breasts, and pretty faces. In other words, you guys want to fuck total foxes. Lets face it, who would you rather do, Rosie O'donell or Britney Spears? You guys look for these traits because they give signals to your brain and body that the woman is healthy and will have healthy kids. The programming in you men tells you to go out and impregnate as many foxes as you can, thereby having as many kids as you can. Men are after quantity, not necessarily quality, because you have the ability to really spread that seed around, thus increasing your chances of having more kids.

Women look for quality, not quantity. We are programmed to look for tall muscular men, with strong broad shoulders and strong arms. These are signals to us that these men are strong enough to protect us, strong enough to make good hunters and providers for our children, and if they have large cocks, they will impregnate us easily and bring us much pleasure. These guys we shall call studs. These studs produce healthy, good looking children. That's why us women would rather fuck Antonio Bandaras than Danny De Vito. When a stud makes contact with a fox, the sex is very, very good indeed! Both people enjoy orgasms which will encourage the procreation of a child. Super sex! Mind blowing sex! Fantastic orgasms!

Men and Women give off chemicals in their natural scents called pheromones. Pheromones are like perfume drugs. When they are inhaled by members of the opposite sex, the body of the inhaler processes information about the person giving off the pheromones. This process is done without you knowing about it in a part of the brain called the synapsis. When you smell the natural perfume of a woman, your body is processing information about her imune systems, her genetic makeup, and is calculating whether or not she would make a good sex partner for you. That's why you guys are attracted to certain women, and that's why you selected your wife to be your wife, because her pheromones told you she'd make you a good match. They caused you to fall in love with her. The same happened to her. Your pheromones told her that you would make a good match. However, that does NOT mean you were the best possible match for her, just the best available at the time.

The advantage of selection is with the woman. If she is a fox, she usually has several studs chasing after her, giving off their pheromones and trying to attract her. She usually selects the best one for her, but sometimes another comes around later on who makes a better match; a super stud. She will always be tempted to change up to a better partner if the opportunity presents itself. Women can be fickle creatures.

When men and women make love, they exchange more chemical pheromones that are passed during french kissing, and from the man's semen into the woman's vagina. These chemicals cause the couple to become attached to each other. This bond is only as strong as the quality of the match made in the woman's synapsis. A superior male can break this bond and create a new one with her if he can manage to get her to experience his pheromones. She will change and become attached to her new lover.

When you separate a man and a woman for a time, the man will build-up both desire for her and also some doubt of her fidelity. When you and your wife make love for the first time after you have returned from a fishing trip, or after she has been out all day and night with her girlfriends, your ejaculate will almost double in quantity, just on the outside chance that she has been unfaithful, and she has another man's semen swimming inside of her. That reaction is called the sperm competition reaction, and those orgasms experienced by men who have reunited with their mates are very powerful indeed! Absence makes the heart grow fonder, and it also makes the cock harder, and the balls more productive.

Now, cuckolding is the situation where the female has been unfaithful. If her mate knows this, the sperm competition reaction in him will kick in, producing more and more sperm the very next time he is around her, regardless of whether or not they make love. When you see your wife make it with a superior male, your sperm competition reaction causes you to want to cum, and cum hard. Even though the humiliation and jealousy of what is happening also takes place in your mind, the sperm competition reaction can overcome your feelings of anger and jealousy and can cause intense pleasure by making you cum very hard with a lot of semen! This is the component that causes you to like it when your mate cheats in front of you! Your body is so compelled to compete with her lover, that you can sometimes cum just watching them! It's a trick of nature my friends! It's not even a perversion!

Now, more about your wife's reaction. Even though she has a mate (you) and she loves you very much, she is also vulnerable to the pheromones of a super stud. If a superior male comes along who gives off pheromones telling her he is a superior match to you, she will be attracted to him, and her desire to have sex with him will build. If they continue to make social contact with one another, eventually she will try to attract him into mating with her. It's her nature. If the attraction is mutual, the stud will take in the pheromones she is giving off, and the two of them will get hot for each other. They will find a way to have sex, and bring their procreative powers together. As they make love, a sexual bond will build between them and they will exchange pheromones. But that's not all!

When your wife makes love with her superior lover, she becomes his mate! He steals her from you! Here's how: as they have sex, she is taking in his pheromone chemicals when they french kiss, and from his semen in her vagina. Her body will recognize his superior genetic makeup and will reprogram itself to react to his scent and his sexual attentions more strongly than with anyone else, including you! Her strongest and most enjoyable orgasms will be with the lover who has the superior genes, and usually with the largest cock and biggest balls. She will desire him sexually, even if she doesn't like him as a person and still loves you. Her animal instincts will cause her to react to him and desire him. When he is around, her breasts will swell, and her juices will flow. She will begin to give off her own pheromones, and the two of them will become hot for each other, even in front of you! He is her mate now, and that's that! In turn, she belongs to him! He is programed to have many mates, she is programed to have the best mate. It's human nature. That explains why men struggle with monogamy, and women do too, except that a woman will change partners but will try to maintain just one relationship at a time with the best male possible. The man is always looking to spread his seed around.

Now comes the fun part: you react to your wife's lover's pheromones too! Inside every male there exists some female qualities. When you inhale your wife's lover's pheromones, your body is also processing the information about his genes. If you get on your knees and sniff his cock with your wife's scent on it, you will get a hard on. If you smell him on her body, you will get a hard on. You are reacting to his superior pheromones mixed with hers. It's a natural reaction. If you ingest his semen by eating your wife or sucking his cock, the same bonding chemicals that cause her to become hooked on him can cause you to become hooked on him if his genes are superior to your own. Your female side developes a taste for his spunk. How do you like them apples?

The two of you (you and your wife) become sub-serviant to him. What a stud he is! The fact that you have been conquered by this superior male makes your wife want him all the more. He has now come between the two of you and has stolen your mate. He's also made you like it! Watching or listening to them make love or smelling and tasting the aftermath of their sexual encounters causes your sperm competition reaction to make loads of sperm, and starts to demand a quick release, and that's what gives you guys "the thrill" of being cuckolded.
Of course all of this is chemical-biological, and has no effect on intellect. The rest is psychology. He is after all, a superior male (physically), so he is a better lover. It's your instinct to compete with him that gets your body in such a hurry to ejaculate. Your body doesn't know that having "staying power" is sexy to your wife, just that it is anxious to get your sperm in the contest. That's why you cum just looking at them, your body "jumps the gun". Staying power is something that is artificial actually, something that can be learned and practiced. In the stone age, men were in a hurry to cum because while they had sex, they were vulnerable to attack by other males.

The inferiority thing is a female trait (that exists in all men, even the studs). You want him to know that he is superior because, after all, he is! It's your female side that is attracted to him also. Remember, all of this is taking place in your charged synapsis, not your concious mind or even a very high level of your sub-concious mind. It doesn't mean you're gay, or anything like that. He would get the same reactions from a male who was superior to him.The thrill you get out of the humiliation is because of the sperm competition reaction, the penis envy, and the fact that your wife has used her natural selection (Darwin's theory) to pick someone else over you. It's your physical response to it that turns you on, not the mental response. Soon, the emotions of jealousy and humiliation become triggers for the thrilling sensations. That's why feelings of inadequacy and belittlement seem to fuel your desires to be cuckolded.And just because your wife has a physical lover does not neccessarily mean she will leave you or that she will stop liking/loving you. However, it does happen and that's part of the danger, isn't it? You use your physical response to help with the mental thrill of it all. If you were a weaker person mentally, you wouldn't be able to take them cheating on you, and you would react differently; maybe become violent.To sum it up, you cuckolds are a superior group mentally, but not physically!

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Cuckoldress World

What Is A Cuckold?
The dictionary defines a cuckold as "a man with an unfaithful wife."
In the context of alternative lifestyles, the cuckold occupies a position somewhere between the traditional definition and that of "swingers." The difference with the first definition is that today's cuckold is both aware of his wife's "infidelity" and is sexually excited by it; the difference with the second definition is that "swingers" are mutually involved, or at least approach the sex bed as equals, which is not the case with a cuckold.

In plain English, a cuckold is a man who stands by and accepts his wife's infidelity, being sexually excited by her actions. He may have normal sexual relations with his wife part of the time, or he may accept that his wife has chosen another man to replace him completely in her sexual bed.

Why Would Someone Choose To Be Cuckolded?

Being cuckolded is often a display of total submissiveness, with the added element being that at least one other person (the lover) knows of the cuckold's role. Cuckolds may take pleasure in serving their wife and, in some cases, her lover as well. If a person wishes to experience submission, bringing breakfast in bed to his wife and her lover would surely fit the bill; and if he wants to feel dominated by his wife, having her tell him to leave them alone so they could make love undisturbed would be almost unbearably exciting! In addition, the knowledge that she can do whatever she wants with regard to sex, while he is restricted to only what she approves for him, is probably the ultimate in submission: he turns over his genitals to her, while she offers no such commitment in return.

Many swingers and alternative-lifestyle adherents draw the line at humiliation, and reject it with disgust. Yet these same people will accept s&m as understandable! Humiliation is, in my opinion, simply mental s&m. Why would someone choose to be "disciplined," and find it to be sexually exciting? If you can understand that, you can understand the lure of humiliation as a sexual stimulus. And if a man seeks to be humiliated, what could be more humiliating than seeing, or hearing, or learning of his wife choosing another man to bed? If the experience includes the wife acknowledging that her lover is better endowed, or a better lover than her husband, the humiliation is complete.

Yes, jealousy is a turn-on for cuckolds. In fact, it is probably one of the greatest ones, though few cuckolds have written about it. After all, what he has lost: his wife's faithfulness, his wife's body (temporarily, if not permananently), his equality as a sexual partner, his dignity... and all these have been given to another man! Personally, when I began to feel jealous, I began to feel truly cuckolded - and very excited!

Though I think this is secondary to the two reasons above, it is true that there are not many opportunities in life to watch two people having sex. This is why home videos are so popular! But nothing can equal the real thing, life and in front of you... and so, inviting another man into your wife's bed will undoubtedly give you a front-row seat for the festivities.

Why Would A Wife Choose To Cuckold Her Husband?
Many cuckolds describe years and years of asking their wife to have sex with another man. Usually, the wife opposes this, for several reasons. First, it goes against everything that was promised in the marriage vows, and she cannot believe that it will do anything but ruin her marriage. Second, it is often threatening to the wife, as she assumes it is a pretext for the husband to have sex with other women (if you both want to do that, have fun; you're back in the "swinger" category, and this site is not about you). Third, many wives -- especially once they are out of their 20's and no longer look like Barbie -- worry that no other man will find them attractive, and they do not want to set themselves up for a disappointment. Finally, they worry (with good reason) about all the mean, nasty stuff out there: bad people, bad vibes, bad iseases.

So, why go through all this? In my wife's words, "I can have my cake and eat it, too." What could be bad for a woman who realizes that her husband will do everything he can to make sure she has great sex with her lover, and will welcome her home (often to a completely cleaned house ) when she is done!

And, back to the wife's initial worry that no other man could possibly find her attractive: imagine her surprise and delight when the nice looking, intelligent guy she meets is very turned on! Seeing him hard, feeling him get excited as she undresses, as she touches him, as he touches her... brings her right back to high school, but with an adult's understanding of what sex is all about. Does absolute wonders for a woman's ego!

Major Cuckold Themes

"He's bigger than you"
In spite of all the ads in men's magazines, we haven't found a way to change what God gives us. Few women marry a man because of the size of his penis, but much has been written about how good it feels to many women to be "filled completely." So, wifey goes searching (or the well-behaved cuckold searches for her) for a man who can measure up. Some women find a large penis to be painful or uncomfortable, but if she finds the experience to be fulfilling, hubby must recognize that there is no way on earth that he can offer her what her lover does. In our society, in which "bigger is better," it is truly humiliating for a man to see less between his own legs than he sees on the man between his wife's legs.

"He's better than you"
Why wifey would want this is obvious -- what a surprise, after 5, 10 or 20 years of marriage, to learn that sex is more fun than you knew! And for cucky, the embarrassment is even greater than if her lover is bigger: at least if he is bigger, you can claim that there is nothing you can do about it. But if he is better -- especially if he is about the same size as cucky, then the plain truth is, "You are not such a good lover." (Actually, that's the diplomatic truth; the plain truth is that you're a lousy lover!)

"Don't Touch Me"
Here is a major difference between a Hot Wife and a cuckolding wife: Often, I read of husbands fucking their wives before they head out on a "date." Cuckolds hardly ever get to touch their wives before a "date," unless it is to clean her, dress her or apply her makeup! And, of course, this makes sense: if her husband really isn't much of a lover, then why would she want to ruin the mood, or take the edge off her anticipation? In my case, about four days before a "date," my wife stops allowing me to touch her or even to see her undressed; in her words, "I'm saving it for him."

Watching Or Waiting?
There is a lot of discussion about which is more erotic: watching your wife in bed with another man, or waiting at home (or anywhere) while she goes off with him. Generally, the cuckold has little say in this; his wife will probably be more comfortable with one than the other, and that is what she will choose.

Seeing sex happen in front of you, and realizing - over and over again - that the woman you see in the throes of passion is your wife, is breathtaking. Even when you engage in sex, you don't get to witness it; seeing a man's penis slide in and out of a vagina is stimulating enough, but when it is your own wife's vagina, it is overwhelming. And watching (and hearing) orgasms... the same thing, in spades!

Cream Pie
I would say that this has been talked about too much, if it weren't for how much it turns me (and most every other cuckold) on! Whether it is submission or humiliation, licking another man's semen from your wife's pussy is #1 on the hit parade. Why is that? I believe it is a combination of every male taboo rolled into one:
- Men aren't supposed to eat cum (well, straight men aren't...)
- Men are supposed to guard their wives' chastity/purity with their lives.
- Ejaculating in a woman is a strong symbol of possession, and seeing another man's semen in your wife's most private, intimate place is a clear sign that you are not the sole (or even primary) person in her life... or at least in her body.
- If there is any single thing that "proves" that your wife was unfaithful, it is the sight of semen dripping from her vagina, when you know you didn't put it there. Pornographers may be able to substitute liquid soap in pictures, but when you're face to face with the real thing, you know it.
- Semen does not taste good; if you're lucky, it does not taste terrible. Licking it up - especially if it is a large amount - is very, very difficult, and emphasizes the humiliating nature of what your wife is doing to you.
- If you have to do it in front of the lover, while your wife is holding and kissing him, you will have your "place" made perfectly clear to all involved - especially if the two of them laugh at your difficulty swallowing all of it!

A Note About "Slut Wives"
There are those men who want their wives to be "sluts"; to sleep around to be indiscriminate, etc. I've seen very few cuckolds who express this wish, and I believe it has to do with our absolute respect for our wives. We don't mind being humiliated, but don't mess with our wife - that will turn us off faster than anything at all. So, again, correct me if I am wrong, but I think that very few cuckolds will ever refer to their wife as a slut (and if they do, it'll probably be a cold day in hell before they "get any" again!)

First of all, the couple had better have a wonderful, positive, open relationship. You are going to be playing for real here, and both of you have to be able to say what you are feeling, and to "bail out" at any point that it becomes unworkable or dangerous. In the words of one cuckold, "You and your wife must love each other very much. That love, trust, understanding and willingness to be open and honest must be there!

Best Quotes From Cuckolds

"Being a cuckold doesn't sound like something most men would be proud of."

"It is sometimes difficult for [my husband] when he has had to be sociable with a man he knows that I am sleeping with."

"There is nothing like the sounds my wife makes when she is in bed with her lover."

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